An Expansive Crown Chakra!


The theory of apostolic succession says there is a physical connection from the present reaching all the way back to the time of Jesus Christ. This “line” of succession is passed along by the physical laying on of hands from bishop to bishop, connecting all the bishops throughout all the centuries from now all the way back to Christ’s original Apostles.

Some people question whether there is anything behind the idea of being ordained into a line of apostolic succession. In fact, I was once among these persons! Having now been ordained into such a line (in the Old Catholic Church tradition) I can affirm and honestly attest, that yes, I think there is something to this!

My rite of ordainment included an anointing of the hands and upper chakras as I was brought into the priesthood of Melchizedek. I could clearly and easily feel many of these spiritual energy centers becoming activated. This sensation of activity in my various energy centers would come and go throughout the rite (and days following). I felt the strongest energy/Presence in my palms and crown chakra. I was also very much aware of a sense of “Presence” which I attribute to the Holy Spirit/Shakinah. Clearly something was happening!

Expansive Crown Chakra

For me the activity in my crown chakra was the strongest chakra activity I have to this day felt. I had always assumed when people spoke of the “crown” chakra they meant by this, the top of your head. But this was different. Very different – I felt like I was wearing a flaming crown! I could feel the energy all the way around the entire “hat line” of my head, as if I were in fact wearing a “crown” made of energy. And I was aware of it “flowing” upward, as I might imagine flames burning up and out of the top of my head, licking one and two feet above me – yet they were cool flames!

And Orbs Too

Yes. Orbs too. I wasn’t aware of this at the time, but the image accompanying this blog shows me performing my first priestly duty, creating holy water for the upcoming consecration of a new bishop. This image may not show this very well, and I am not a photo analysis expert, but the apparent “orbs” seem to have both depth and definition to my eye. That they appear over my head and over the altar at which I am working I find quite interesting. No proof of anything mind you, but for those of us who believe in such things this is another piece of evidence suggesting that something very real happened to me during my ordination.

“One knows one” is a saying I once heard. And I can say that “I know.” I have no need or interests in “collecting ordinations.” I am a priest. I may become a poor priest or a good priest, that remains to be seen. Others are free to doubt – I do not. A priest in the line of Melchizedek, I am.


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